Walrus & Feather
This is a beautiful and very unique  fighter. The blade was made using a mosaic W damascus bar, that has been manipulated to look like a feather. The guard and spacer were then made from another mosaic W pattern damascus
bar that had been sliced and forge welded in such a way that it actually turned the damascus pattern inside out so it would show the beautiful pattern on all 4 sides. A very time consuming process in developing the blade and the hardware but as shown in the pictures the end result was very much  worth the time and effort .
The damascus spacer is sandwiched between 2 pieces of file worked titanium, that have been anodized a bronze/gold color
and the handle is a premium  piece of Walrus Ivory with fantastic color and NO center core showing except from the very back end. Fighter comes with a custom fitted sheath with tooling and snake skin inlay.
Overall Length - 12 3/4" with a 7 3/4" blade
A ONE OF A KIND  piece with perfect fit and finish

If your interested in or have any questions about this piece, Please contact me at
e-mail: camper@yhti.net or you can call me 573-348-3577

Thank you