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Bill Buxton (Master smith)
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My interest in knife making started several years ago but raising a family and working as a construction foreman limited the time I could dedicate to this hobby/profession. That all changed in 1990 with two very close personal losses so I decided to pursue my dream in knife making skills and knowledge in 1991. That�s been several years and a lot of hard work ago, but in 1999 I became a full time knife maker.
As an avid hunter and fisherman, I knew what I wanted in a knife. I began experimenting and doing tests with different steels and techniques until I became familiar with what would produce the best knives to come out of my shop. I have a great interest in damascus and have proven to many of my customers that damascus isn�t just a fancy piece of steel. It will perform extremely well by holding a keen edge with exceptional strength and that has been proven for thousands of years.
I use the highest quality high carbon steels available in my damascus mixes and I strive to make patterns that are a ONE-OF-A-KIND. I love the look and feel of bigger bowies and tomahawks in mosaic patterns because they show more of the time and dedication needed to produce them, but I also like the smaller blades and carry a 4� damascus hunter for everyday chores.
Besides making damascus knives, hawks ,daggers and an occasional spear, I also work with 52100,0-1,1080 and powder steels ,4800 and 1084.
All my knives are hand forged and I do make all my own damascus.
I am a member of The American Bladesmith Society and in 2007 I tested and passed the "
Journeyman smith ranking" , Then in June, 2010 I tested and achieved the "MASTER SMITH RANKING " you can go to  and click on the journeyman - master smith  testing link to read about the performance these blades are required to pass in order to obtain this ranking. Quite informative as to what's expected of a quality knife.
I am also a member of The Arkansas Knifemakers Association

Thank you for your interest in my knives and for visiting my site
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